Reliable Pressure Tank Installations and Service

We work with all makes and models

We’ll service your old tank, or recommend a new one based on your water-use patterns.  

A pressure tank has two major roles – it stores the water your appliances and fixtures will need, and by pressurizing the water with stored compressed air, the tank delivers that water with the force that you want.  Today, we use bladder pressure tanks which do not require air to be added to the tank.  Years ago, we used galvanized steel tanks which did require the routine maintenance of adding air periodically.  

Installing a New Pressure Tank

Depending on your water-use patterns, we can recommend a variety of tank sizes, makes, and models.

Our service crew will professionally install your tank to meet today’s health safety codes. We use all brass, stainless steel, and plastic fittings; no galvanized fittings that can deteriorate and burst.

Signs your pressure tank needs service

If you experience any of these issues, it may be time to service your pressure tank.

  • Fluctuating or pulsing pressure
  • Low pressure
  • Pump running too often
  • Pressure tank or plumbing fittings near it are leaking
  • Outside of tank is in poor condition
  • Smelly water
  • You are having to add air to the tank
  • Top portion of the tank feels really heavy, cold, and full

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