Well Service and Repair

Just because water is coming out of your faucets doesn’t mean your well is functioning properly.  Wells should be checked periodically for preventative maintenance.  Well water should also be tested annually to detect bacteria and improper mineral content.  Call us to schedule your next appointment today.

Service & Repair

We offer 24hr service and repair on all water wells, pump, tanks, and other well components.  We are able to work on all makes and models of pumps and tanks.


We clean or disinfect wells.  If a well has tested positive for e coli, coliform, or iron bacteria it should be disinfected professionally using a chemical treatment method.  You should also consider having your well disinfected yearly for prevention of bacteria growth.

Inspections & Consultation

We perform water well inspections for routine maintenance and for clients buying,  selling, or refinancing a home.  We also do consultations to educate new owners on their new well system and the required maintenance.  NOTE: we are NOT a point of sale inspector for Ingham or Shiawassee County and we don’t do septic inspections.


We collect water samples and have the samples processed at a State of Michigan approved drinking water lab.

State of Michigan drinking water lab

cracked well casing
Well needing repair

Does your water well need to be cleaned or disinfected?

Is your well casing cracked, is the well cap broken or loose, or is the pipe guarding the electrical wire at the well head damaged?  If so, you should consider having those issues repaired and your well disinfected.  Even the tiniest of cracks can allow insects or rodents like ants, flies, and earwigs to enter the well which will result in bacteria growth.  We have seen many gross things over the years like dead mice under well caps and a dead turtle decaying at the bottom of an old crock well.  It is a good idea to look over your well system periodically or have us do so for you.

Well Repair Services

We are able to service and repair all well system components: pump, tank, pressure switch, gauge, control panel, and fittings (both inside and outside).

Pump Hoist
Pump Hoist

If we need to access the components inside your well, we typically use a hoist mounted on a heavy duty pick up truck.

Portable Pump Puller
Portable Pump Puller

If we can’t access your well with our service truck, we may be able to use our portable pump puller.

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