“Thank you so much for coming over so quickly and replacing our tank.  I was in Colorado Springs to attend my dad’s funeral. It was rough for me to deal with the death of a loved one and be out of state and to have my wife call me and tell me that there is water gushing out all over the basement and that our house was down to 60 degrees.  We have a heat pump and we need water to heat our house. I was very frustrated knowing that there is nothing I can do about it four states away. Your guys came right over and even though you did not have the right size tank at the time, they installed a temporary one for the weekend and got my wife and daughter some heat.  THANK YOU! The came over Monday and installed the correct size and did not even charge any thing extra for making two trips. I am a code enforcement officer for the City of Lansing and work in the Building Safety Office. I will gladly recommend you and your crews to people that are building a new home or need your services.  Thanks again!!!”